Day 66 Reflects

Editing Day 66 has begun, thanks to Tippers Pritchard, who has taken over editing the entire film.  Progress is expected to be slow, as Tippers understandably has to concentrate on paid work as his priority but he is keen to get stuck in and excited to work on the project.  Therefore there is less to write about at present, with filming complete, so I’m reflecting back on experiences to date.

It is hoped that the film will be complete within the first half of 2020.  Once edited, there is still foley sound and music to be added, and likely a few additional brief shots here and there.

Tippers was one of many extras who attended the hordes in Botley this June.  He found out through a mate, though this turned out to be a massive coincidence, as Tippers has done many projects with Beacon Productions in the past.

The opening title sequence is well underway, with some fine tuning still required and actual credits added!  I will be meeting Liam Low Ying soon to progress this.

I have had several people comment that they thoroughly enjoyed being part of Z-Day, despite the unusual weather.  Here is some of the feedback I have received:

 “I got involved after my grandmother found the advert for extras in the Daily Echo, as I am a SFX makeup artist we both thought it would be a good reason to contact Day 66 about being a makeup artist for the zombies. Working on a lower budget gave a foot in the door about successful budgeting and making realistic wounds with more simplistic materials. My favourite wound and makeup would have to be the smashed in head zombie with the exposed brain. This is one of my most successful zombies to date, due to the sculpting detail I put into the prosthetic. The best moments on the film were getting to know my fellow makeup artists and making friends with them, also with moments in between takes chatting to the actors while they were all made up as zombies, it was a funny atmosphere to be in.”

Rhianna Kingdon (makeup artist)

“I still smile from remembering the experience I had shooting the film that day. The weather wasn’t ideal but that was soon put out of my head by the warm welcome from Russ and the crew. The makeup artists that made me were amazing and friendly as well making me look awesome as a zombie. My fellow cast mates were great to have fun with. Everyone I had the pleasure of talking to that day made the time between the shots go quickly and helped me forget the cold and wet weather. I would film for anyone involved in this again in a heartbeat –  was so much fun. Thanks!”

David Charlton (zombie extra)

“Really loved being part of this. The makeup team did an amazing job of transforming everyone. Some of the wounds looked very deep and disgustingly scary. Throughout rain and wind everyone was in such good spirits. I felt very at home wandering round a field looking gormless, I think it came naturally to me! Thank you for letting me be part of this zombie experience.”

Kate Drummond (zombie extra)

This feedback is amazing – I’m so grateful to all that have given up their time and who have believed in this project.  Your support really has been appreciated.

We now have a YouTube page dedicated to Day 66 material.  There’s only one video in there at the moment, but more will be added as they are made by Liam Low Ying and others, including behind the scenes vids/interviews.  You can access the page via this link – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel please!

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